F1 Carp introduced at Snake Lake

As of Monday 24th September, 2,500 F1 Carp have be introduced to Head Fen Lakes & Fisheries ready for the winter season. The Fisheries, located at Head Fen between Ely and Littleport, have worked closely with Sports and Leisure Fisheries … Read More

Summer fishing goes from strength to strength

This summer has set the record for being the most successful yet at Head Fen Lakes and Fisheries, near Pymoor and Little Downham in Ely. The gloriously long summer is a welcome site for many anglers and with the weather … Read More

Fish Spawning

Warmer water means many of our fish our spawning. During this time fish may not be as hungry and therefore not “biting” as much. Spawning can take from between 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the lakes, it can … Read More

Open match Sunday 25th March on Trev’s Lake

Name Fish Caught Weight Bait Peg Number Matt Ayres Fish caught on waggler and maggot and then long pole and pellet 74lb – 35 Dave Priestly Jnr Fish caught on pole and pellet in margins 52lb – 39 Steve Jackson … Read More