New Shepherd’s Huts

Head Fen Lakes & Fisheries are delighted to announce we now have two very special Shepherd’s Huts located on our Snake Lake with their own private fishing peg, fire pit and garden area.

These stunning Shepherd’s Huts are fully equipped to accommodate two adults in style for a perfect fishing getaway or to just escape the world and relax and unwind surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Priced at just £125.00 per night with a minimum 2 night stay and including fishing on all four of our well stocked fishing lakes right on your door step.

For bookings and enquiries please call 07502 393 286 / 07971 574 375

Match Fishing

It is with great sadness that we can now confirm we will no longer be holding matches on our lakes. While we appreciate this news will disappoint many people. It certainly hasn’t been an easy decision to make and but we feel moving it is the best decision for us as a business. We will continue to remain open for pleasure fishing, which can be booked by calling 07971 574375. We would like to thank everyone for there support. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate in contacting either reception or Mark.

Caravan & Camping now available

Exiting News!!

We are now thrilled to be able to offer caravan and camping at our fishing site from Friday the 28th of August.

The site is equipped with toilet, laundry and washing facilities.

Pitch Pricing

F1 Carp introduced at Snake Lake

As of Monday 24th September, 2,500 F1 Carp have be introduced to Head Fen Lakes & Fisheries ready for the winter season.

The Fisheries, located at Head Fen between Ely and Littleport, have worked closely with Sports and Leisure Fisheries in Shropshire to bring a new species to avid anglers in the area. The F1 has joined other Carp species currently in Snake Lake to extend the current feeding season.

The F1 Carp is a hybrid species between crucian and common carp and typically grows faster than any other carp species. Due to their size and fast growth rates it is easy to see why many fisheries and match fishermen love them.

Head Fen Lakes & Fisheries Manager, Mark Taylor agrees and said “we expect the Carp we have introduced to reach a weight between 6 and 9lb. We have introduced these F1 Carp as they continue to feed in colder water where other fish tend to slow down and thereby extend the fishing season of Snake Lake.”

There is plenty of confusion as to what an F1 Carp really is as they look very similar to commons with their overall shape. Tips to help identify an F1 Carp:

  • The barbules; Common Carp have four, F1 Carp only have two smaller barbules;
  • The number of lateral line scales on a F1 Carp is usually 35 or 36, which is higher than those found on a Crucian Carp (around 32 to 34).

The fish are now well settled and Snake lake is open as usual. We are open all year round and welcome anglers with any level of experience. Clubs are also more than welcome to host matches here (requires booking). Please contact Mark Taylor on 07831 810 052.

Summer fishing goes from strength to strength

This summer has set the record for being the most successful yet at Head Fen Lakes and Fisheries, near Pymoor and Little Downham in Ely.

The gloriously long summer is a welcome site for many anglers and with the weather acting predictable for once, it makes for a rather enjoyable and productive day out.

As always Head Fen Lakes and Fisheries are open for matches, with many a challenger trying their hand at beating the current record at Snake Lake. This record currently stands with a carp weighing over 200lb and if you’d like to try your hand, everybody’s welcome.

There are many matches held by local clubs and groups at the lakes. Recent winners have caught a variety of species including Carp, Chub, Bream, Perch, and Tench spread across all three lakes. A recent match at Trevs Lake saw the winners catch fish weighing a fantastic 97lb, 71lb and 70lb.

Head Fen Lakes and Fisheries have also welcomed many new budding anglers to the site this summer. “Head Fen Lakes and Fisheries is the perfect lake to take first time anglers and have loved attending myself for many years. My son accompanied me for the first time this summer and absolutely loved it … he can’t wait to go back again.” Ian Jenkins, local enthusiast.

If you’d like to try your hand fishing at Head Fen Lakes and Fishery, why not get in touch? Call us on 07831 810 052. Matches are arranged by many clubs in the local area – if you would like to attend one, our staff will do our best to get you in touch with the right people.


Fish Spawning

Warmer water means many of our fish our spawning. During this time fish may not be as hungry and therefore not “biting” as much. Spawning can take from between 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the lakes, it can in some cases take longer.