As of Monday 24th September, 2,500 F1 Carp have be introduced to Head Fen Lakes & Fisheries ready for the winter season.

The Fisheries, located at Head Fen between Ely and Littleport, have worked closely with Sports and Leisure Fisheries in Shropshire to bring a new species to avid anglers in the area. The F1 has joined other Carp species currently in Snake Lake to extend the current feeding season.

The F1 Carp is a hybrid species between crucian and common carp and typically grows faster than any other carp species. Due to their size and fast growth rates it is easy to see why many fisheries and match fishermen love them.

Head Fen Lakes & Fisheries Manager, Mark Taylor agrees and said “we expect the Carp we have introduced to reach a weight between 6 and 9lb. We have introduced these F1 Carp as they continue to feed in colder water where other fish tend to slow down and thereby extend the fishing season of Snake Lake.”

There is plenty of confusion as to what an F1 Carp really is as they look very similar to commons with their overall shape. Tips to help identify an F1 Carp:

  • The barbules; Common Carp have four, F1 Carp only have two smaller barbules;
  • The number of lateral line scales on a F1 Carp is usually 35 or 36, which is higher than those found on a Crucian Carp (around 32 to 34).

The fish are now well settled and Snake lake is open as usual. We are open all year round and welcome anglers with any level of experience. Clubs are also more than welcome to host matches here (requires booking). Please contact Mark Taylor on 07831 810 052.

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